Caro-Kann Quickie I

The Auburn (N.Y.) Chess Club used to run a Swiss-system tournament every Memorial Day weekend. Here's one of the event's shortest games:

Auburn Memorial Weekend Open, 1974.

White: C. Bradshaw
Black: Col. Sicherman

Caro-Kann Defense.

1. e4 c6; 2. Nc3 d5; 3. Nf3.

White prefers a closed game to a half-open game.

3...Bg4; 4. h3 B:f3; 5. Q:f3 Nf6; 6. g3.

Still going for a closed game. White gains nothing with 6. e5 Nfd7.

6...e6; 7. d3 Bb4; 8. Bd2 Qb6; 9. O-O-O d4; 10. Ne2 a5!?

More aggressive than the usual lines in this variation.

11. Bg2 Nbd7; 12. g4 Bd6!

With the annoying threat of 13...Ne5; 14. Qg3 Nc4; 15. Qh4 Q:b2#.

13. Bf4 e5.

Completing White's entombment.

14. Bd2 Nc5; 15. Kb1 Na4; 16. b3 Nc5; 17. Ka1 a4; 18. b4.

White determines to keep the queenside closed, but ...


Smashing White's barrier. There is no escape.

19. cb ab; 20. Nc1 R:a2+!

The tail of the combination. On 21. N:a2 Black simply plays 21...Qa6 and mates. All White's pieces are out of play.

21. Kb1 Qa6; 22. N:b3 Qa3; 0:1.

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