Caro-Kann Quickie II

When a Caro-Kann wins quickly it usually wins entertainingly. Here's the result of my rematch with Chris Bradshaw:

Buffalo Summer Rating Tournament, 1975.

White: C. Bradshaw
Black: Col. Sicherman

Caro-Kann Defense

1. e4 c6; 2. d4.

Hoping to avoid a repeat of our previous game.

2...d5; 3. Nc3 de; 4. N:e4 Nf6; 5. N:f6+ gf.

Nimzovich's idea. Many of my opponents have gone into trances at this point!

6. Ne2.

To avoid the pin after 6. Nf3.



7. f3 Bf5; 8. Ng3 e6!?

A bit of impudence that White pounces on.

9. N:f5 Qa5+; 10. Bd2 Q:f5; 11. Bd3 Qd5; 12. c3.

Black has reached a comfortable position.

12...Bd6; 13. Qc2 Nd7; 14. O-O-O?!

In preparing to snatch a pawn, White pitches one.

14...Q:a2; 15. B:h7 c5!

The hardest move for a Caro-Kann player.

16. g3?

To play 17. Bd3 without losing the h2 pawn, but now fate strikes without warning.; 17. cd R:h7!! 18. Q:h7 Rc8+; 19. Bc3 R:c3+!

The tail of the combination. White resigns, as 20. bc Ba3 is mate, 20. Kd2 Q:b2+; 21. Ke1 Re3+ leads to mate, and 20. Qc2 loses too much material.


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