Contents of Cubism for Fun, Issues 111–124

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For tables of contents of issues 51–89 and 105, see this page at Cubism For Fun's old website. Selected articles may be found in the Public CFF Archive.

Issue 124

July 2024

3EditorialRik van Grol
4–9A Puzzle a DayLex Augusteijn
10–15The Hexomino Bird Reversed Parity IssueEdo Timmermans
16–19Pilogram: Tangram with an Extra DimensionMarc van Kreveld
20–24Tetrahedron and Octahedron Puzzles George Bell
25–29Skeleton Puzzles 2: Archimedean Solids and their Dual Catalan SolidsBruce Patterson
29Dutch Cube Day 43
30–31Puzzle News (54)Rik van Grol

Issue 123

March 2024

3EditorialRik van Grol
4–9Uniform Tiling around Polyomino Singles or PairsEdo Timmermans
10–15Multiple Controllers in the Creation of a New Range of N-ary Puzzle Devices Namick Salakhov
16–21Screwy BurrsGeorge Bell
22–25Gathering for Gardner 15 Peter Knoppers
26–29Skeleton Puzzles — Part 1 — Platonic SolidsBruce Patterson
30–31Puzzle News (53) Rik van Grol

Issue 122

November 2023

3EditorialRik van Grol
4–7NKC Website: Finally LiveRik van Grol and Frank Tiex
8Remember Dieter Gebhardt
9–11Santa SlideOskar van Deventer and George Miller
12–15Split-Prism Puzzles Bruce Patterson
16–19Wanted — More Shelf Space Bruce Whitehill
20–25Puzzling Aspects of Binary Disk Goetz Schwandtner
26–29IPP 40 Polyshape Exchange Puzzles Peter Knoppers and Rob Hegge
30–312023 Puzzle Design Competition Rick van Grol
32–33Using BurrTools to Solve Cover-Up Puzzles George Miller
34–36A New High Level 18-piece Burr Jack Krijnen
37Pieker en Puzzel — Solution Fred Horn
38Soul of the SnakeBruno Curfs

Issue 121

July 2023

3EditorialRik van Grol
4–7The Cretian StarBruce Patterson
8–10Experiments in Puzzle Destruction George Bell
11–14Glide-Plane Puzzles: Remarkable Symmetries Bruce Patterson
15–17Strawberry Puzzles Forever George Miller
18–23Designing Chocolate Pack George Bell
24–26Tiling Large Polyomino Sets Edo Timmermans
27Dutch Cube Day 42
28–31Puzzle NewsMichel van Ipenburg

Issue 120

March 2023

3EditorialRik van Grol
4–9Coral ReefGeorge Miller
10–15Coordinate Motion Puzzles — Part 3 George Bell
16–18From Rods to a Puzzle: The Glide-Plane Method Bruce Patterson
19Books and MagazinesRik van Grol
19German Cube Day 2023Frank Tiex
20–25‘Holey’ Polyomino Sets Edo Timmermans
26–31Documenting Mechanical Puzzles Peter Knoppers

Issue 119

November 2022

3EditorialRik van Grol
4–5In Memoriam — Eric FullerFrans de Vreugd
6Goodbye Uwe MeffertOskar van Deventer
7–9IQ Digits AnalysisGeorge Miller
10–15Coordinate Motion Puzzles — Part 2 George Bell
16–17Separated Pentominoes in Rectangles George Sicherman
18–19DSM's Puzzle LampRob Hegge
20–22Cube90Bruce Patterson
22Largest Puzzle Museum EverRik van Grol
23–27Designing my First 3DPrintable Twisty Puzzle Peter Knoppers
28–33Inflated HexominoesEdo Timmermans
34–36Project HoWeDia Václav Obšivač
37–39Euklid 2nd revised edition — C o m p e t i t i o n   R e s u l t sRik van Grol

Issue 118

July 2022

3EditorialRik van Grol
4–9Kagen Sound's Rune Cube, Background, Descriptions & ProblemsJohn Rausch
10–15Getting Started with 3D-PrintingGeorge Miller and Peter Knoppers
16–21Coordinate Motion Puzzles — Part 1George Bell
22–24Breaking the Ice with Glass Rob Hegge
25Dutch Cube Day 41
26–282021 Puzzle Design Competition Nick Baxter
29–31Polyomino Magic SquaresEdo Timmermans
32–33Polycube Prism PuzzlesGeorge Sicherman
34–35Canonical Colouration of Cubes George Miller
35Reminder — Euklid 2nd revised edition — C o m p e t i t i o nVolker Latussek
36–40Equivalent Rods in Space: Polygon Arrangements Bruce Patterson
40–41Books and MagazinesRik van Grol
42–43Puzzle News (52)Rik van Grol

Issue 117

March 2022

3EditorialRik van Grol
4–5Boca Bash 2021Roxanne Miller
6–10Creating Peter Knoppers and Rik van Grol
11More Recent Trick LocksFrans de Vreugd
12–142022Edo Timmermans
15Euklid 2nd revised edition – C o m p e t i t i o n –Volker Latussek
16–19Equivalent Rods in Space: Parallel ArrangementsBruce Patterson
20–22Half-Edge PolyformsGeorge Sicherman
23–253D-Printing at SeaGeorge & Roxanne Miller
26–29Holey Poly-cube Shapes Using a Laser-CutterPeter Knoppers
30–31Books and MagazinesRik van Grol

Issue 116

November 2021

3EditorialRik van Grol
4–5Pieker en PuzzelFred Horn
6–11The Ball BurrGeorge Bell
12–15Hunting for Puzzles in Eastern Europe Rik van Grol
16–18Poly-Rhombic-Dodecahedra Puzzles Peter Knoppers
19Bathke Puzzle Design CompetitionRob Hegge
20–24Face ArchitectureGeorge Sicherman
25–27The Hunt for Missing Puzzles George Miller
28–29Dutch Cube Day 2021Rik van Grol
30–31Books and MagazinesRik van Grol

Issue 115

July 2021

3EditorialRik van Grol
4A Change of Venue for the Hordern-Dalgety Collection Roxanne Miller
5–7Trick Boxes from MoroccoFrans de Vreugd
8–10Bibendum & Friends Roman Götter
11–13Dynamic Lid BoxesTheo Geerinck and Symen Hovinga
14–17Berrocal Collection at Puzzle Palace Roxanne Miller
18–22Polyomino Vortexes Edo Timmermans
23–25Three Piece Pyramid Puzzle George Miller
26–27Soma Gravity George Bell
28–32Solving Sjaak's Impossible Sliding Puzzle with BurrTools Goetz Schwandtner
33–37Miscellaneous Interlocking Puzzles Bruce Patterson
37Dutch Cube Day 40
38–39Puzzle News Rik van Grol

Issue 114

March 2021

3EditorialRik van Grol
4–5Solving Disentanglement Puzzles AutomaticallyTom Verhoeff
6–8Tube and Tube Cage PuzzlesBruce Patterson
9–13Hanayama Collection at Puzzle PalaceRoxanne Miller
14–19Fun with Tops, Part 2George Bell
20–22The Bibendum Puzzle Family Roman Götter
23–252020 Puzzle Design Competition Nick Baxter
26–27Three Simple Puzzle Types George Sicherman
28–31Recent Trick Locks Frans de Vreugd
32–34NKC/CFF Web Portal Club Committee
35–37Enumeration of Block Signatures for the Bandaged 4×4×4 Andreas Nortmann
38–40My Die-Cutting Machine George Miller
41–43Polyomino Dissection Puzzles Edo Timmermans
43–44PuzzleWare—BurrTools (10) Rob Hegge
45–47Solving Flexible Meshing Puzzles with BurrTools Goetz Schwandtner

Issue 113

November 2020

3EditorialRik van Grol
4–6Bell's Elles Conjecture Donald Bell
7–9Solving Heptagonal Star Using BurrToolsGeorge Miller
10–15Balance Puzzles Rik van Grol
16–21Dexterity Dreams: A Field Guide to Congost Los Imposibles … ? Brian Kaplan
22–23Meeting in Puzzling Times Rik van Grol
24–25(Virtual) MPPs Rob Hegge
26–30Fun with Tops, Part 1 George Bell
31–33Shell Puzzles Bruce Patterson
33–35Puzzle News (50) Rik van Grol

Issue 112

July 2020

3EditorialRik van Grol
4–9How Come? Puzzles Peter Hajek
10–15Patrick Hamlyn's Polyiamonds Tiled Shapes Edo Timmermans
16–18Interlocking Flat Puzzles Bruce Patterson
19–21COVID-19 Puzzle Peter Knoppers
26–31Symmetric Eventies—Part 2 Donald Bell
32Books and Magazines Rik van Grol
33–35Puzzle News (49) Rik van Grol
35Dutch Cube Day 40

Issue 111

March 2020

3EditorialRik van Grol
4–8Twisty Puzzles that Reorient in Space Oskar van Deventer
9–13Infinite Crystalline Puzzles Bruce D. Patterson
14–17Polyomino Filled Inflated Shapes Edo Timmermans
18–21The How and Why of Some Renaissance Secrets Bret Rothstein
22–27The Progressive Pyramid Puzzle George Bell
28–33Symmetric Eventies—Part 1 Donald Bell
34–35Books and Magazines Rik van Grol