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I came in and walked around.
Somebody yelled, Your flag is down,
  Mister Dzindzichashvili,
  Mister Dzindzichashvili,
I wish somebody would tell me what Dzindzichashvili means!

What, lost your Bishops,
You naughty fishops?
  Then you shall have no play!


  • The Buffalo Problem (1978)
  • Score Sheet. The legendary Kentucky Fried Fox chess score sheet, rendered into Adobe PDF for your printing pleasure. Print them double-sided, cut them down the middle, and pass them out at your club. Or staple a pile of them into a cover and you'll have a handy book of scores to carry with you.
  • A 1992 Letter to Andy Soltis (mate en passant)
  • New York State Chess Champions, 1878–1972.
  • Piet Potgelter, Where Are You?
  • Rules of Chaos, a game guaranteed to perplex kibitzers.
  • The Education of a Chess Player.
  • Robert Benchley on How To Watch a Chess Match.
  • A guide to Smythescript, the chess notation of the far future.
  • Links

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