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  • Sheet Music and Digital Audio

    Some pieces are in Adobe Portable Document Format (PDF) and require the free Adobe Acrobat Reader.

    Warning: Mozilla Firefox fails to render some of my PDF sheet music correctly. If you browse with Firefox, download the PDF file and print it from your system, rather than printing directly from Firefox.

    You will find some sheet music from video games at my video game site, Crude ASCII Maps.

    I have been experimenting with digital audio. Some of the pieces below have links to audio files in RIFF WAV or MPEG-3 format. The WAV files were generated by PMX and Timidity++.

  • {PDF} Autumn in March. For those who through inattention or inadvertence have grown old.
  • {PDF} The Cat's in the Cupboard. An alphabet lesson for a cat.
  • {PDF} The Catbird Game. Equipment required: two cat ears.
  • {PNG:1|PNG:2} Celery Stalks at Midnight, by George Harris as arranged by Will Bradley. An easy piano reduction of the main theme.
  • {PDF} The Clod & the Pebble, a setting of William Blake's poem.
  • {PDF} Couch Potato. A moving tribute to not moving.
  • Crabesque. A sideways rag.
  • {PNG} {MPEG3 audio} Farewell to the Heath. A flute air in the Irish mode. The MPEG file contains a violin solo version by a talented amateur.
  • {PDF} Le Furet. An old French song about a ferret.
  • {PNG} Good Old Dog. A healthy chewing exercise in four-part doggerel.
  • {PDF} {WAV audio} Haiku No. 1 in B-flat Major.
  • {PNG} Hi There, What's Your Name. Make up your own lyrics, I don't care!
  • {PNG} I Went To London. A fake folk tune.
  • {PDF} Irish Interlude. Sixteen bars of harp music for piano.
  • {PDF} The Kat Don't Kare. Inspired by Harold Buchholz's Apathy Kat.
  • {PDF} Maple Leaf Rag, by Scott Joplin. The one and only. (The notation is copied from the original edition so it may look old-fashioned.)
  • {PDF} Meat and Potatoes. To the tune of Schubert's Intermezzo from Rosamunde.
  • {PNG} Mr. Fixit. A mechanically challenged swing tune.
  • {PDF} Mrs. Gooby. An unsingable song in disco style.
  • {PNG} My Cat Is Fat. Haute cuisine with words by B. Kliban.
  • {PDF} Off Base. A blue bossa nova piece with harmony that goes subtly wrong.
  • {PNG} The Panama Piano. A little dance for two hands.
  • {PDF} Peter Piper. If you're not careful, you'll end up with a mouthful of pickled peppers.
  • {PDF} Liszt's Prelude to Borodine's Polka in Paraphrases (Tati-Tati)
  • {PDF} Ravioli. Go to sleep, children.
  • {PDF} {WAV audio} Space Rider Theme Song (スペイスライダーのテーマ). Plans for the series were cancelled after they heard my theme song!
  • {PDF} {WAV audio} Space Rider — Reprise. For those who need more Space Rider!
  • {PNG} Step. A snazzy (but pointless) toccata for the right hand.
  • {PNG} Truck Drivin' Man. In the best oral tradition.
  • {PDF} {WAV audio} Wild Goose Chase. A complete waste of time!
  • Commercial Jingles

  • Muppo {PDF}
  • Sicherfresh {PDF}
  • Porkay {PDF}
  • Spum {PDF}
  • Tennessee Bubble Gum {PDF}
  • Miscellaneous

  • Discontinued Bugle Calls.
  • Lyrics

  • Autumn in March. A sad ditty about old age and loss.
  • Beautiful Buffalo. To believe Buffalo winter weather you must experience it. Then you still won't believe it!
  • Camel Train. An uplifting spiritual for camels.
  • The Funky Skunky. Some scents are better left in the bottle!
  • A modern version of “Le Furet” by Jean Bénédict (music by Pierre de Bréville).
  • A demented English translation of Bénédict's lyrics, by Altavista.
  • Meat and Potatoes.
  • Mrs. Gooby.
  • Wichita Falls One-Shot Blues. A six-line rhapsody in A minor.
  • Unauthorized Lyrics. Words that the composers would have repudiated.
  • Translations

  • Alone (Triste). A more natural translation from Portuguese to English than Jobim's.
  • Links


    Thanks to Neddie Burne-Jones and Billy Morris for the pretty picture of musicians.

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